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Build a national large-scale casting production base
1 Advanced Production Equipment and Testing Equipment
Qianjin Group is fully equipped with advanced production equipment and testing equipment. The driving has a single maximum capacity of 260 tons. Qianjin Group is also equipped with three electric arc furnace of 5 tons, 30 tons and 80 tons, 20 T/H resin sand line, three CNC high-temperature heat treatment furnaces of 12m*7m*5m, 8m*4m*3.5m and 8m*4m*3.3m, one set of EAF dust removal system of 30,000 square meters, and machining equipment, such as vertical lathe of 8m, 6.3m, and 5m, and 220 boring-milling machine. Qianjin Group has a independent testing center which is equipped with chemical laboratory, direct-reading spectrometer, 60 tons tensile testing machine, impact testing machine, ultrasonic flaw detector, Leeb hardness tester, metallurgical microscope and so on.
2 First-class Science and Technology Development Centers and Experienced Craftsmen Team
With 30 years development in steel foundry industry, our company now has a first-class science and technology development centers and experienced craftsmen team. Qainjin Group specializes in manufacturing extra large steel casting products. The production process adopts joint casting. One joint tapping is up to 400 tons and the unit weight of casting product can reach 300tons. The casting products can be widely applied to mining, shipbuilding, forging, metallurgy, engineering machinery, road & bridge engineering, water conservancy project, nuclear power, etc. Qainjin Group provide the national key equipment manufacturing with a variety of high quality and multi-standard carbon steel and alloy steel castings.
3 Technology Innovation, Excellent Quality, Perfect Service
It is the survival of enterprises that technology innovation, excellent quality, and perfect service. With technical research, Qianjin Group has developed castings that widely used in metallurgy industry, such as the slag pot, the steel ingot mold and metallurgical auxiliary equipment. These castings are popular around the world. The mainly casting products are the slag pot with capacities of 3 to 45 cubic feet, and ingot mold with single weight of 3.5 tons to 175 tons. Qianjin Group has established a long-term cooperative relationship with many world-class iron and steel group, such as Germany SMS Group (SMS), South Korea POSCO (POSCO), Japan’s JFE and so on. Our products enjoy popularity around the world.